Testimonials from customers and clients

“Working with GeoTomCG allows us data evaluations on a very high quality level and with most possible flexibility in modelling the dataset. In a recently finished, absolutely exceptional shear wave survey from surface to gallery in combination with refraction data, Dr. Tweeton helped us promptly to improve the results, including some changes in the software. Our academic client rates the results as ‘particularly good’ as well.”
Lorenz Keller, roXplore gmbh, Amlikon-Bissegg, Switzerland.

“GeoTomCG is a very accurate and useful software for seismic tomography investigations in mines. The software support is excellent.”
Kerstin Abraham, K-UTEC AG Salt Technology, Sondershausen, Germany

“GeoTomCG is very well designed and organized 3-D Tomography software. It is very user friendly! My needs as a customer were very well anticipated and met. Time-consuming tasks, like model building, are automatically handled. Also, I’ve been very pleased with the prompt and efficient customer support.”
Julian Ivanov, Kansas Geological Survey, Lawrence, KS

“The combination of TomTime and GeoTomCG has provided efficient, robust and accurate processing and interpretation of the numerous surface to borehole seismic and crosshole seismic surveys that I have conducted. Questions on the operation of the programs or methods for improved results have always been addressed in a timely and helpful manner by Dr. Tweeton. I highly recommend the use of these computer programs for applicable projects.”
Jim Hasbrouck, Hasbrouck Geophysics, Inc., Prescott, AZ

“Daryl Tweeton’s assistance to NDT Corporation on a fast track project, with difficult geologic conditions, was outstanding. The results of his tomography processing of VSP data correlated well with boring data. Most importantly the results were delivered on time and within budget.” Paul Fisk, NDT, Worchester, MA

“HGI expresses its appreciation for your support in completing a very challenging seismic tomography project. We particularly appreciate your accessibility day or night, weekday or weekend. Your dedication to meeting our objectives and your sincere demeanor has made it a pleasure to work with you. Your GeoTomCG software also proved to be the right choice for us.”
Mario Carnevale, Hager GeoScience, Inc., Woburn, MA.

“I was very appreciative for the timely delivery and support I received from GeoTom regarding the use of their TomTime software and their custom creation for me of a TomTime that can save PIK files for the SipWin and Rayfract programs. Fantastic documentation as well.”
Donn Schwartzkopf, Terra Geosciences, Loma Linda, CA.